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Too sensitive

Way to sensitive

Thank You

My name is Yunkyeong Nam Remind me, I’m World Famous Surgeon


I’m impressed, this app is incredibly realistic, and so useful at the same time, great experience 👌🏻.


I put tube in nose. 11/10


Literally couldn’t get any better experience!!!

Add to the Professions List

Hello, I’m a Respiratory Therapist and we also practice intubation in hospital and field (Flight Therapist) settings. Please add Respiratory Therapist as a profession. Thank You!!

Helpful for non-physicians

As a speech-language pathologist, I find the app to be a unique and interactive way to visualize the anatomy I am constantly assessing and treating in my practice. It may be especially helpful for SLPs who perform FEES studies, and those who work frequently with vocal fold dysfunction and upper airway disorders/injuries. Of course, the CME feature is not applicable to me (but an excellent idea!), but it's an addicting simulation none-the-less, in addition to being educational, as noted above. May I suggest to the developers that an app such as this for SLPs would likely be well received? ;)


You should add aliens to the game

Extremely helpful!

This app is amazing! It actually helped me to intubate a little boy at Walmart when he needed to be bagged(long story). It’s great and it taught me how to intubate and went on to help me save a little boys life. Now maybe we could add some more challenging patients? Make it feel more realistic? Hear the patient breathing or stuff like that? I know it’s not going to look 100% realistic but less of a cartoony feel would be perfect! Maybe I’m just picky but the app is just amazing!

Práctica de intubacion con fibroscopio

Exlente aplicación para adiestramiento en el manejo del fibroscopio para intubacion traqueal. Felicidades 😊

Love this app!

Addictive! Can’t stop playing! I want to beat my time to intubate!

Great app, should include paramedics in CE’s

It’s a great app, very well done. However, paramedics do intubations often, we should be included in the CE’s.

Keeps crashing

I can’t even do the tutorial due to app crashing

It's made for medical students

I got this game because i saw i can see inside a vagina on an ad

So realistic, but it’s not video?!

Intubation cases all look so real. Once I’m inside the airway, anatomy is incredibly detailed and responds to everything I do. Cases are interesting. Could be more challenging, but easy to get hooked and run through everything in one sitting.


Obviously nothing replaces in life practice but this is a pretty legit way to become comfortable with the process, the hand movements and the airway structures. Excellent app for CRNA students.

The camera is too hard to control

Just add the option to reverse control and it will be done. I don’t know why you didn’t think about it.

Very useful app

Downloaded this not long ago, find it very useful past the tutorial. If you’re on iOS11 try the AR case; interesting use of Apple’s tech.

Incredibly realistic sim

Down to the details - secretions, endoscope fibers, blood. Never saw anything like it on my phone. Very realistic.


This is great practice as a speech pathologist!


As a 1st year medical student undergoing an anesthesiology apprenticeship as part of his curriculum, I can say that this app is priceless. The work that Ryan Blake, Sam Glassenberg, and the others at Level Ex, Inc. are doing for the medical field through their efforts are really going to make a major difference in training for current and future physicians. I do not get any practice with these types of procedures as part of my normal curriculum so walking into the OR as an M3, most of us are unprepared and face these daunting tasks for which we have no idea how to do. The anatomy, instruments, vitals, and physiological responses built into this app are very realistic and are providing me with at least a little familiarity before I do the real thing. Thank you to the programmers for this experience and if you are thinking of downloading the app, definitely do it.

Great sim

Really helps with my training

Great app

As a paramedic, it is great to review over the anatomy you encounter during intubations. I just wish that paramedic was a title you could select for your account. Great app though.


Muy entretenido y novedoso


Love it. We need more of these for teaching


It is very realistic 3D simulation of different cases of fiberoptic intubation, very beneficial specially for Anaethesiologist , I do strongly recommend it ...

Fix the camera

Camera is too hard to control


I am an ENT resident and have done all of the levels so far available. The anatomy is realistic, the visuals are beautiful and I think it has helped me significantly in the procedures we do every day.


I am in love with this app! I'm in high school and it is the most beneficial app I have downloaded for practicing medicine and intubations!! Definitely worth downloading


Clever app.


I am a medical student and this is a great way to help me visualize procedures. I love it

The future

A really neat idea for medical education!

Worth what you pay for it...that is, nothing.

There are a LOT of surgey and surgery simulation apps out there that are far more robust, offer a wider variety of assignments, and are free. If you pay for and of the cases on this, all you're going to do is more of the same...intubate, intubate, intubate. Yeesh...


Very accurate. Highly recommend.

Excellent Simulation

The anatomy is very accurate. Some of the cases are extremely challenging. Overall one of the best medical apps i've seen on my ipad.

Lit app tbh

really good app, i mean i'm doing this review and i'm being honest. i barely do reviews.

Fun and realistic

I've seen others try and recreate anatomy but no one has come close to how accurate and realistic this app is.

An exceptional experience

A completely new way to train and excel. Hyper realistic scenarios are truly engaging.


Great App!

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